WellATL pushes the pause button.

WellATL readers, We’ve decided to put this project on pause for now, but we hope to get back to producing great content in the near future. It’s been a nice  year for us with lots of great feedback, and we learned much about what it takes to produce a high-caliber publication. Ultimately, we ran short…


FitWit wants to change someone’s life. Beginning November 1, 2015 anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to lose weight and gain strength, in a supportive and fun environment, can enter to win one full year of FitWit’s life-changing program.

In addition to one grand prize winner who will win 12 months of FitWit ($2000+ value), two runner up prizes of a one-month membership each will be awarded. Previous winners of this contest have had truly life changing results including weight loss (one winner lost 60+ pounds), improved self esteem and gaining a new community of supporters.

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Sixty-five percent of adults in Georgia are clinically obese or overweight. News flash: that’s over half of us. That’s getting dangerously close to three quarters of us. Yikes. We [Americans] are as unhealthy as we have ever been. Obesity and chronic disease run rampant, especially here in the South, where—let’s face it—we kind of love to eat. We do our best to make smart food choices and exercise, which we can’t always be perfect at given our hectic schedules and lives on the go. So what do we do? Is there an easier way to prevent the diseases that so often come with our modern lifestyles? Food=Medicine >>

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The days are getting shorter. It’s a little tougher to get out of bed. There’s an occasional crisp in the morning air that brings some respite from the oppressive Southern heat. And that can mean only one thing. We’re easing our way into fall and then eventually, what’s expected to be another icy winter. And with this change in season comes pumpkin everything, fabulously cozy fall fashion… oh, and lots of colds. How to boost your immune system >>

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Obviously, Atlanta is popping with programs for adults to get their fitness fix, but did you know there are tons of programs for kids too? Many organizations in our community provide a variety of fitness programs geared toward keeping kids moving and getting them excited about it. These programs give kids the unique opportunity to build confidence, learn about community, teamwork, sportsmanship, functional movement and proper nutrition.
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