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We hear it all the time: “Are those all yours?” “How? Why?” “Better you than me.” And my personal favorite: “Oh, you must have help.” Raising five kids — from 14 months to 7 years old — provides plenty of challenges, but it’s an amazing journey that we relish every day (errr, almost every day). This column will share our journey, provide some tips that have helped us, and hopefully create some conversation about raising a wellthy family. That doesn’t mean waking up at 5 a.m. for family runs, returning home for an agility ladder circuit, and finishing up by slamming a wheatgrass concoction grown from our garden. Fortunately for our kids, that’s not how we roll (and our garden is officially dead now anyway). Raising a healthy family means taking a broader, more whole-person approach focused on total wellness. Better health means a better quality of life, and that’s what we want for our kids. Here are 10 things we do to make that happen:
Food choices, fun with exercise, and more >>

No Tanning Bed

While some of those suckers — errrrmmm, we mean “awesome folks” — up North are already experiencing temperatures in the 40s (bless their hearts), Atlantans can look forward to a few more weeks of sultry weather before autumn settles in. Pale is pretty and always a healthy option, but if you want to keep that sun-kissed look well into decorative gourd season, remember: Fake it, don’t bake it. Steer clear of tanning beds (ewww!) and try sunless tanning. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a single session in a tanning bed increases your chances of melanoma by 20 percent. Every time you go back, that number goes up another percentage or two. That’s not what they mean by “suffer for beauty.” Some UV-free options… >>

X3 Sports

Atlanta is chock full o’ amazing health and wellness events. How’s a person supposed to keep up? Fear not! We’ve got your back. Every Monday, WellATL will bring you a handy-dandy list of the week’s finest options. If you’d like to submit something fun and fitness-y for consideration, shoot an email to events@wellatl.com. And now, behold, seven days of awesome…
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Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation

Don’t tell the opposition, but beneath that rugged, intimidating exterior, our Atlanta Falcons have a soft side. Since 1985, the NFL team has been working to reduce childhood obesity and improve the fitness levels of Georgia’s kids through the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation (AFYF). The philanthropic arm of the Falcons has dished out more than $20 million to nonprofits that share its mission of making kid healthier by increasing their physical activity and access to healthy, affordable food. Along the way, they helped more than 10,000 kids lose over 44,000 pounds of body fat in a single year. Take that, Biggest Loser. More than touchdowns and tackles >>

Andrew Johnston

Atlanta native Andrew Johnston is proof positive that we know how to grow ’em in the south. He has circled the globe as a professional cyclist and is now back home, coaching others at his own studio, Triumph Training. He has written a book (with a second one on the way), starred in a documentary about his journey (Living Is Winning), and twice been named one of the top 100 trainers by Men’s Health. Oh, did we mention he’s also a triathlete AND a leukemia survivor? Ride along as we find out how he does it all. Crazy race stories, real food, and eighties cereal >>

Running Shoes

Blisters, black toenails, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, IT band pain, straight-up discomfort — if going for a run causes symptoms like these, shoddy shoes might be to blame. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, during a 10-mile run, your tender tootsies endure about 15,000 strikes at three to four times your body weight. That’s a lot of impact for those 26 bones, 33 joints, and 112 ligaments to handle, so you don’t want to go jamming your paws into just any ole foot holder. But how do you find the right shoe on that giant wall of options? We turned to Karen Kaye, director of communications and community relations for Atlanta-based Big Peach Running Co., for answers.
Avoid these mistakes. >>

Atlanta BeltLine

Whether you’re jogging, cycling, practicing yoga, or just taking a leisurely stroll, the BeltLine can help you burn a few calories and stay moving. But with some of the city’s tastiest restaurants just a few steps from the trail, it can also help you pack on the pounds. So where do you turn when you want to eat right near Atlanta’s favorite pathway? And what do you order once you’re there? WellATL talked to chefs at some BeltLine-adjacent dining establishments to get the low down on nutritious, low-calorie dishes. Advice for Parish, Park Tavern, The Luminary, and Kevin Rathbun Steak. >>

Vintage Fitness

Your grandpa needed only a cinder track, a pair of Chuck Taylors, and a water jug to crush his workout. And while he’s probably thankful that he doesn’t need to shave with a straight razor anymore, that doesn’t mean that all of the advances in the last 50 years are going to improve his performance, especially when it comes to fitness. We can all learn a little something from his old-school training regimen. WWGD? >>