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Organic Makeup

It can be tough to find makeup without potentially toxic chemicals, squashed bug dyes, and other gross ingredients — not to mention the cruel animal testing and wasteful packaging involved. The infographic geniuses over at Fix.com have created a DIY guide to creating your own cosmetics and even deodorant using things you’ve probably got in your kitchen right now. Remember, these recipes are for putting on your face, not for eating. These homemade options are good for your skin, the environment, and animals.
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Atlanta Bike Challenge

Do you like healthy competition with coworkers? Riding your bike? Fabulous prizes? If you said yes to any of those, the Atlanta Bike Challenge is for you. And let’s face it, there’s never been a better time to take up biking in Atlanta. In the past, riding in the city seemed about as risky as slathering yourself in chum and diving into shark-infested waters — and just about as appealing. But things are changing. The city’s bike infrastructure is growing fast and bike safety along with it. Over the next three years, Atlanta will add 120 miles of bike lanes, multi-use trails, and cycle tracks. That growth is thanks, in part, to PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project, which helps selected cities to install and pay for protected bike lanes, but let’s not underestimate the importance of the BeltLine’s trails, the PATH Foundation’s ever-expanding reach, and an upcoming bike-share program with 500 bikes. Statistically, more cyclists means a higher awareness of bikes on the road, which ultimately leads to a reduction in accidents. The Atlanta Bike Challenge wants to prove how fun and safe biking can be by asking you to ride just 10 minutes a day.

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Neda from Tough Love Yoga

Yoga mat? Check! Expensive stretchy leggings? Check! BPA-free water bottle? Check! Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” raging as you start your sun salutations? Say what? You heard right; heavy metal music will be blasting your earholes for the entirety of your 60-minute Gumby session at Tough Love Yoga. This ain’t your mama’s Yanni yoga, and that’s just how founder Neda Honarvar likes it. WellATL headbangs with Neda for this week’s Friday Five.

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Garnish & Gather

It’s contest time! Enter to win a meal for two from Garnish & Gather. Choose a chef-created recipe and Garnish & Gather will provide all the locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients you’ll need to make cooking easy and fun. All you’ll need is oil, salt, and pepper. (There are delivery and pick-up options all over metro Atlanta.) Garnish & Gather will bring the rest to our lucky winner. Enter to win then get an extra entry every time one of your friends enters via your custom link. You have until Wednesday, October 1. Get cookin’.

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