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We’re showered with information from the minute we open our eyes in the morning until we go to bed at night. And it’s not a gentle, “isn’t that refreshing?” sprinkle; it’s a roaring, relentless Niagara Falls-esque barrage of tweets and text messages and ads and emails and Facebook notifications and Ello invites. This sort of constant, high-volume stream of media and information has consequences for our health, well-being, and social skills… and they’re not all good.

How information overload makes us stressed out, lazy, and gullible. >>

fall fun

When asked what my favorite things about living in Atlanta are, October and March are always high on my list because Atlanta knows how to rock the heck out of fall and spring. They’re our reward for July and August. The good news is that tomorrow is October, and there are tons of “get outside” ways for our families to squeeze every ounce of crunchy-leafed awesomeness out of our great city. Sit down with the family and make a Fall Bucket List of some healthy, positive things you want to do together. Here are some ideas to get the pumpkin rolling…

Turn over a new leaf with your fam >>