Daily Archives: November 5, 2014

Beltline Westside Trail

The long-awaited Westside Trail of the BeltLine will finally break ground next Wednesday, and, of course, there’s a party to celebrate. The three-mile Westside Trail (not to be confused with the West End Trail) will run from Washington Park at Lena Avenue in the North to Adair Park at University Avenue in the South, connecting four schools, four parks, and the yet-to-be-finished BeltLine Urban Farm while adding 44 acres of greenspace for Atlantans to enjoy. Videos, maps, and more, this way >>

Sports Bra

If you possess two X chromosomes and have undertaken a form of physical activity at some point, you’ve probably also logged some time in fitting rooms attempting the exhausting gymnastics of trying on sports bras. And if you’re the average woman, it’s likely your level of affection for the humble sports bra falls somewhere in the lukewarm territory: at best, it does its job; at worst, it’s an excruciating device that requires Houdini-level escape artistry to get out of (especially after a tough upper-body workout). But lo! There actually are sports bras out there that keep everything in place (even during burpees) and — bonus! — don’t resemble ancient torture devices or straight jackets. Finding them just takes a little finesse. We chatted with Donna Burke, Director of Operations at Atlanta Activewear, for tips on how to find the right sports bra for you.
Your ideal sports bra awaits >>