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Tradition is nice, but serving the same old dishes year after year for your family’s Thanksgiving feast can get monotonous. Thankfully (see what we did there?), Atlanta’s talented chefs have generously shared 13 of their favorite recipes to help spice up your holiday. From unusual sides and gluten-free gravy to vegetarian soups and ingenious plans for your leftovers, these dishes are sure to bring some excitement to the table. Yesterday, we brought you six recipes from chefs at restaurants such as Bantam + Biddy, Chai Pani, Southbound, and the Farmhouse at Serenbe. Today, we wrap up with seven more from chefs at Gunshow, Aria, Noni’s, Forage & Flame, and Ocean Catering Company plus convenient downloadable recipe cards of all 13 recipes for your own kitchen.

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During this past year, our family has worked hard to nail down five values that would help us develop a family mission statement — values that would lead us in decision-making and character-building — and one of those values is gratitude. Since most of us will be sitting around a feast-filled table to celebrate gratitude tomorrow, I wanted to share some fun, family-friendly ways to explore gratitude. Practice thankfulness all year long. >>