Daily Archives: December 19, 2014


You’ve seen her before — the mom in the grocery store checkout line with a newborn swaddled to her midsection, a glazed look in her eyes, and a little spit-up on her shoulder. Staring back from the candy and gum section is the smiling face of a perky television star on the cover of a weekly magazine, wearing a bikini and holding an infant. The headline declares in a huge pink font, “BODY AFTER BABY.” It’s enough to make you scream. The priority for most moms isn’t to fit into a two-piece weeks after birth, but to be healthy and feel great (or as great as is possible) during and after pregnancy. And Mama, Atlanta’s own Oh Baby! Fitness can help with that, offering exercise programs for new and expectant moms. Oh Baby! Founding Mom/CEO/Co-owner Clare Schexnyder tells us more in this week’s Friday Five.

On following your career passion, dealing with postpartum depression, and helping moms stay fit >>