Daily Archives: December 30, 2014


When it’s not busy asking you to change your password for the umpteenth time or crashing and losing a project you’ve worked on for two hours, technology can be pretty darned nifty. And we’re not just talking about the existence of animated cat gifs. Need proof? Behold this interactive map of the most frequented walking and running routes in the world. A company called Mapbox worked with data from popular tracking app Runkeeper to visualize more than 1.5 million walks, runs, and bike rides. The result is an oddly beautiful network of colorful lines revealing where Atlantans like to move. The BeltLine, Piedmont Park’s paths, Freedom Park Trail, the PATH, Stone Mountain Trail, and other obvious pedestrian thoroughfares glow neon pink while other areas show only the occasional squiggle of dark blue. The resulting overlay is as useful as it is gorgeous. Where’s your favorite Atlanta running or walking route?