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bone broth

I love that word is finally starting to get out about bone broth — and for good reason. It’s so good for us. It is not only a super health food that can help heal your gut, it also can help joints, improve digestion, strengthen your immune system… and did I mention that it may also combat wrinkles, cellulite, and weight gain? Bone broth anyone? DIY instructions (and purchasing options if you’re short on time) >>


A team of Georgia Tech inventors are suing Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Athos, and several other companies for patent infringement after the fashion brands created garments that monitor the wearer’s vital signs. The undeniably nifty but allegedly illegal products targeted by the lawsuits include the Victoria’s Secret Incredible Bra, which tracks the wearer’s heart rate; Athos training gear, which determines muscle effort, heart rate, and breathing rate; and Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech Shirt, which were worn by athletes at the most recent U.S. Open.

The patents, the products, and the lawsuit >>