Daily Archives: January 27, 2015


There are enough studies out there extolling the health benefits of wine to make you think it’s a straight-up health food. For a few days, there was even a spate of overly enthusiastic internet headlines claiming that sitting on your ass and drinking red wine could be just as good for you as going to the gym: “OMFG: Science Says a Glass of Red Wine May Be Equivalent to an Hour at the Gym” (which got an unsurprising 588,000 Facebook Likes) and “Red Wine May Be as Good for You as Exercise, Says the Best News EVER.” Sadly, the results of that study were taken slightly out of context, and by that, we mean that the actual participants were rats, not humans, which seems, you know, important, right? Even with the rats, the researchers’ conclusion was that combining red wine with exercise could “augment the beneficial effects of exercise alone.” That means you still have to exercise. Sorry, not sorry.
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