Daily Archives: January 28, 2015


When Whitney Jaye moved from Virginia-Highland (an area so into fitness that, she says, “you might get run over by a group of runners anytime you’re walking down the sidewalk”) to West End, she was shocked by the lack of health resources near her new home. “It is night and day in terms of how engrained fitness, wellness, and health are in the community,” she says. “And it’s odd to me because here in West End, we have a high concentration of urban farms and community gardens, four vegan restaurants, and a general awareness of health and wellness, but no access to group fitness instruction or food literacy and education.” Jaye was inspired to fill that void and the idea for Westside Fit Club was born. This Saturday, that idea finally becomes reality as the organization hosts its official kickoff event. Fit Club’s mission and plan >>


Alrighty, mamas. I’ll bet your kids are all up to date on their wellness checks, but when was the last time YOU had a physical? You know, that thing where you go to the doctor when you are completely healthy just to make sure you stay that way? What about the dentist? Eye doc? My guess is that there are not a lot of moms who take care of themselves with the same dedication they have for their children. (And if there are, could y’all help me out?) So many appointments, so little time >>