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There is nothing better than a good soup when it gets cold outside. Last winter, I had an amazing paleo tomato bisque at one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta and have craved it ever since (especially because they don’t make it very often). I’ve never made a tomato soup or bisque and wasn’t even sure how. I assumed that if I did, it would be just kind of mediocre since I’m not a big tomato person or even a big tomato soup fan. I was sooo wrong. I made this soup and it is AWESOME! Everyone in my family loved it. And the bonus? It’s so easy to make. Really!
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It’s tough to expect kids to have an active and healthy lifestyle when we’re serving them a rectangular piece of cheese pizza, some sugary canned fruit cocktail, a cookie, and a carton of milk for lunch five days a week. Yet that’s exactly what a lot of schools are still doing. (At least in the U.S. — check out these fascinating images of school lunches around the world if you have some spare time.) Georgia Organics is changing that with its Farm to School program, and yesterday, The James M. Cox Foundation announced that it would be providing a $250,000 grant to help bring healthy food to Georgia’s students.
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Last month, you met Kathleen, who is embarking on a one-year mission to overhaul her health. When last we checked in with her, she was 12 workouts in and earning gold stars left and right. Today, she updates us on her progress and challenges in healthy eating: “When starting an I’m-going-to-change-my-life kind of journey, you get all kinds of advice from people. And let me tell you… it’s not all good (e.g., “I only ate cabbage for a month and lost weight!”). There are two common themes that are helping to frame my mindset…

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