Daily Archives: March 27, 2015


I’m at a weird point where I am noticing differences in my body, energy levels, and general happiness, but those around me don’t see it yet. While it is humbling that people see it as “normal Kathleen,” it just reaffirms that I am making these changes for myself. If someone notices, it is a fringe benefit… but deep down, I still want them to say, “Oh wow!” just like I did when I put on an old dress that fits again.

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If you’re a regular WellATL reader, you’ve almost certainly heard about FitWit, the award-winning group fitness program run by WellATL’s publisher, Josh Guerrieri. But what you might not have heard is that FitWit is just a few days away from opening a brand-new studio in Kirkwood. The new space and classes offered there represent the biggest shift FitWit has seen since its 2005 launch, so we asked Josh to give us the scoop on the new digs for this week’s Friday Five.

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