Daily Archives: April 22, 2015


A few years ago I got a Vitamix. I was so excited to make smoothies, but at the same time, I was overwhelmed with options. Do I use spinach or kale? Bananas or apples? How about pineapple, celery, cucumber, or carrots? Flax, chia, or hemp seeds? Do I need coconut water or almond milk? Parsley? Lime juice? Cacao? Ugh! There are way too many options! After a few months, thanks to the paradox of choice, I stopped making smoothies all together. If it’s not quick and simple, I’m just not going to do it — sad but true. So, I had to ask myself, “What is my purpose with a smoothie?” It was pretty simple: lots of greens, little sugar, and delicious taste. Hmmmm, I can do that. Here’s what I came up with…

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