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One of the most important things I’ve learned about successfully packing healthy lunches for the kids is that variety makes all of the difference. It can actually make lunches fun! Don’t give them a bag of carrots. (Heck, I don’t want a bag of carrots.) If you give them three or four carrots, a few olives, some granola, some dark chocolate almonds, and lots of little surprises in their lunch, chances are greater they will eat it.

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Everyone remembers their first time. You walked in and cautiously unrolled your mat, not sure whether you should proactively stretch or quietly sit to “faux-meditate.” As the class crawled into child’s pose, you took a calculated glance around the room wondering what you got yourself into. Admittedly you spent more time peeking up from down dog than holding perfectly-aligned postures but somewhere between eagle pose and savasana you got your first taste of being “truly present.” The rest, my friend, is yoga history.
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Ladell Hill is onto something. Just look at that glow (and no, he is not a vampire, I’ve confirmed). He simply eats clean and he moves every single day. Ladell comes from a line of healers. Growing up in Lebanon, TN, he watched his grandfather–known as the local medicine man–drink from streams and snack on raw sweet potatoes. He shared with Ladell secrets about the body’s natural oils and the healing properties of plants. Desperate to learn more, Ladell sought to learn the science behind his grandfather’s wisdom and vowed to continue his legacy by becoming a personal trainer and wellness consultant. He decided to dedicate his life to promote healthy living, starting on the inside. And so Chuice was born.
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Salads are so good and refreshing this time of year and make for such an easy dinner. When we were in California, I needed some breakfast for the early flight home, so I picked up a Mediterranean chicken salad at a local store the day before. It was a great breakfast, believe it or not! I finally got around to trying to replicate it  at home, and it was a huge hit with our family, even with my olive-hating husband. He actually said, “Please make this once a week.” I couldn’t believe it.

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