WellATL is passionate about helping Atlantans live their best lives by providing useful, engaging stories about fitness, nutrition, and wellness. With personality, humor, and authority, WellATL helps you:

  • Move Well with our Workout of the Week, fun fitness tips, and coverage of healthy
    recreational activities
  • Eat Well with recipes, restaurant recommendations, and nutrition advice that’s anything but preachy
  • Feel Well with posts on handling stress, staying motivated, dealing with injuries, and more
  • Look Well with all the info you need to look as good as you feel, during your workout and beyond
  • Do Well with coverage of the organizations and people who are working toward a healthier ATL

On the road to wellness, the joy is in the journey. WellATL is thrilled to be part of your journey.

Our Audience


The WellATL community is made up of yogis and chefs, bikers and hikers, athletes and those just starting out on the path to a healthier lifestyle. They throw Frisbees and swing kettlebells. They run miles around our beautiful city before 7 a.m. They care about looking good naked but care way more about feeling great and creating a healthier Atlanta.