Articles by Gray Chapman

Comfort food

When the temperature starts dropping and the sun disappears earlier and earlier, do you find yourself craving enough hearty, filling, carb-laden comfort food to feed Michael Phelps for weeks on end? “Comfort,” however, is probably the last word you’d use to describe the way you feel the morning after stuffing yourself with lasagna or mac ‘n cheese. Fortunately, you can slake those cold-weather urges without resorting to the Stouffer’s. Read on for six of our favorite locally made comfort food dishes that won’t completely derail your diet.
Flying Biscuit, Porter Beer Bar, Alma Cocina + more >>

Sports Bra

If you possess two X chromosomes and have undertaken a form of physical activity at some point, you’ve probably also logged some time in fitting rooms attempting the exhausting gymnastics of trying on sports bras. And if you’re the average woman, it’s likely your level of affection for the humble sports bra falls somewhere in the lukewarm territory: at best, it does its job; at worst, it’s an excruciating device that requires Houdini-level escape artistry to get out of (especially after a tough upper-body workout). But lo! There actually are sports bras out there that keep everything in place (even during burpees) and — bonus! — don’t resemble ancient torture devices or straight jackets. Finding them just takes a little finesse. We chatted with Donna Burke, Director of Operations at Atlanta Activewear, for tips on how to find the right sports bra for you.
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Root vegetables

I have a theory: I think that fall and winter are the easiest times of year for healthy eating. Yes, I realize I’m putting “easy” and “healthy eating” in the same sentence as the seasons that bring us a never-ending onslaught of Halloween candy, stuffing, pie, and holiday parties. But! In addition to the sugar-laden pumpkin spice lattes and ubiquitous fun-sized Snickers, fall also brings us some of the most flavorful, versatile, and nutrient-dense fixins, straight from the soil: the humble root vegetable. From the homely yet rich-tasting celery root to the velvety, sweet parsnip, these unassuming, thick-skinned vegetables prove the old adage that beauty is only skin deep. Behold, a few of our favorite ways to sneak a little extra root veggie goodness into your diet. Carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and more >>


Few food groups can cause more dietary strife than alcohol. (The term “beer belly” exists for a reason and distilled spirits pack around 100 calories per 1.5 ounces.) Between the Frappuccino-level sugar content in many mixed drinks, the calorie count of those delicious craft beers, and the questionable choices one inevitably makes when standing in line for pizza at 2 a.m., a night of drinking can swiftly sabotage an otherwise healthy diet. And don’t even get us started on the insatiable lust for grease and carbs that kicks in the next morning. While some health-minded people choose to allot themselves a cheat day of drinking, and others might go full Prohibition mode, one thing’s for sure: Teetotaling and dining out rarely go hand-in-hand. Unless, that is, you don’t mind getting stuck with cranberry juice in a rocks glass, or smuggling LaCroix into your favorite restaurant. Fortunately, a handful of local restaurants and bars are doing right by the mighty mocktail, mixing up clever creations that just so happen to be alcohol-free. That’s something worth “cheers”-ing for. Delightful drinks, this way. >>

Rottenwood Creek Trail

Tallulah Gorge, Amicalola Falls, Cloudland Canyon: These Georgia hiking destinations are all gorgeous, challenging, and absolutely worth a visit. But they’re also more than an hour’s drive outside the city — and for some of us, that’s enough of an excuse to flake on a hike. So while Midtown isn’t exactly the first place you’d look for waterfalls and gorges, intown Atlanta does have a respectable number of trails and parks that are perfect for taking a walk in the woods. (In fact, there’s even an entire book about them.) Here are a few places where you can get some fresh air without setting foot outside the Perimeter. Put on your hiking boots. >>