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One of the most important things I’ve learned about successfully packing healthy lunches for the kids is that variety makes all of the difference. It can actually make lunches fun! Don’t give them a bag of carrots. (Heck, I don’t want a bag of carrots.) If you give them three or four carrots, a few olives, some granola, some dark chocolate almonds, and lots of little surprises in their lunch, chances are greater they will eat it.

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Salads are so good and refreshing this time of year and make for such an easy dinner. When we were in California, I needed some breakfast for the early flight home, so I picked up a Mediterranean chicken salad at a local store the day before. It was a great breakfast, believe it or not! I finally got around to trying to replicate it  at home, and it was a huge hit with our family, even with my olive-hating husband. He actually said, “Please make this once a week.” I couldn’t believe it.

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I’m pretty excited to share our favorite drink: kombucha. As Robb Wolf describes it, “Kombucha is a fermented tea that is a recognized probiotic. In simple terms, the production involves making sweet tea, adding a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), and letting the SCOBY consume the sugar to produce a drink full of B vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, and probiotics.” The process of making kombucha can be a bit… gross, so it took me years to finally take the plunge. I won’t make something unless it’s pretty simple, and once I did it, I saw that this really is simple to make!

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For many of us, hot dogs and hamburgers go hand and hand with Fourth of July celebrations, but sometimes gluten-free friends miss out because — let’s face it — most gluten-free buns just aren’t very good. Fortunately, with these amazing paleo, gluten-free pigs in a blanket, no one will mss out on the fun! This is another of my favorite recipes from Super Paleo Snacks. They are so tasty, easy, and fun to make. Even better: They never disappoint company, even if your guests don’t tend to follow a paleo diet. These fun little protein-filled snacks will be devoured by even the finickiest eater.

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It’s crazy hot in Atlanta, and while I’m loving summertime with my kiddos, I’m ready for some relief. We’re hitting the pool as much as possible, but we thought these fun popsicles could help beat the heat even more! It’s been neat experimenting with a few different flavors to see what we like the best. The possibilities are truly endless.  In the past week or so, we’ve made chocolate nut butter pops, peach watermelon pops, and strawberry creamsicles. They were all so delicious and refreshing!  Let us know which one is your favorite or share your own concoction.

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These cinnamon bun biscuits are one of our family’s favorite snacks from my book. We sometimes even enjoy them as a breakfast treat. I’m crazy about good texture in my gluten-free backed goods, and these are awesome in that department! Really. Have you tried the psyllium husk powder yet? Did I mention that psyllium husk is a great soluble fiber that increases satiety and can also aid in weight loss (some articles about that). It is so worth the purchase if you do a decent amount of gluten-free cooking using whole real (low-glycemic) foods. Be sure to get NOW brand (Amazon, or Whole Foods) though, as I’ve heard some other brands can give your baked goods an odd color.

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