Do Well

Back On My Feet

Running and homelessness – it might seem like they go together like toothpaste and orange juice, but our friends at Back On My Feet think they’re more like peas and carrots. This national nonprofit uses running to transform the lives of homeless individuals. WellATL hit the pavement with Mandy Putnam, Director of Communications and Corporate Relations for the Atlanta chapter of Back On My Feet, for this week’s Friday Five.
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Prissy Tomboy

Society can be a bit too focused on teaching teenage girls how to do lovely things with their hair and impress boys and not focused enough on encouraging them to go outside, ride bikes, and find their own strength. Atlanta mom and fitness enthusiast Tracey Pearson aims to change that with Prissy Tomboy, a brand designed to empower and recognize sporty pre-teen and teen girls around the world. WellATL found out more with this week’s Friday Five. Find out why girls need a little extra encouragement and how Prissy Tomboy is helping. >>

hands on atlanta

Woohoo! This Saturday, October 18, is Hands On Atlanta Day. More than 6,500 volunteers will sign up to help with projects at Atlanta’s parks, schools, and community centers, and you could be one of them. Check out the list of volunteer opportunities, donate a bit of time, then join Hands On Atlanta for a Celebration of Service party starting at 1 p.m. to honor your awesomeness. This year, the 25-year-old organization is committed to providing 125,000 hours of service to individuals and communities in need (senior homes, food banks, pet shelters, low-income neighborhoods, you name it) in Atlanta. That’s worth getting behind.

Charity Map

According to a new Chronicle of Philanthropy study called “How America Gives,” Atlanta walloped most other cities when it came to charitable giving. Um, we mean, “generously opened its hearts and its wallets for good causes.” (Sometimes that competitive spirit just comes out, ya know?) In fact, the whole state is a real lovefest. Georgia is the fourth most generous in the nation (after Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Utah at number one). Using numbers from tax returns and IRS documents, the study found that Georgians give 4.2 percent of our income to charity, compared to the average of 3 percent nationwide. Floyd is our state’s most generous county with a whopping 8.5 percent of adjusted gross income going to good causes.

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