WellATL pushes the pause button.

WellATL readers, We’ve decided to put this project on pause for now, but we hope to get back to producing great content in the near future. It’s been a nice  year for us with lots of great feedback, and we learned much about what it takes to produce a high-caliber publication. Ultimately, we ran short…


When I first started workout out, I met an amazing person who had gone/is going through her own weight loss and muscle building journey. She said, “Weight loss isn’t a straight line,” and I agree. As someone who has gained and lost many times without long-term success, I know that her words are true. The real success is failing and getting back up to try again. At the time, four months ago, I was so committed to success, I could barely get out of my own way. Today, I humbly write to you because I have not only fallen off the wagon, I have taken a flying leap off of it and bumped my head on multiple blunt objects on the way down.
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