Chew Your Juice: A Man on a Mission to Bring Real, Whole Foods to the Masses

Photo via Chuice: Dr. Sujit Sharma, CEO of Chuice (left) with Ladell Hill, founder of Chuice (right)

Ladell Hill is onto something. Just look at that glow (and no, he is not a vampire, I’ve confirmed). He simply eats clean and he moves every single day. Ladell comes from a line of healers. Growing up in Lebanon, TN, he watched his grandfather–known as the local medicine man–drink from streams and snack on raw sweet potatoes. He shared with Ladell secrets about the body’s natural oils and the healing properties of plants. Desperate to learn more, Ladell sought to learn the science behind his grandfather’s wisdom and vowed to continue his legacy by becoming a personal trainer and wellness consultant. He decided to dedicate his life to promote healthy living, starting on the inside. And so Chuice was born.

For someone who’s never tried Chuice before, how do you explain it to them?

It’s everything in a bottle. The key is to emphasize the importance of the ingredients and the importance of chewing, which is why I made it chewable. When you chew, you secrete certain types of enzymes–it’s that breakdown of the plant’s chemical compounds. It all starts in the mouth. Our customers say Chuice actually makes them feel more satisfied than a juice or smoothie does because actual chewing is required. Chewing does make you feel more satiated. I wanted Chuice to be chewable to start the digestion process faster, and the full feeling is a bonus.

4 chuice bottles

What makes Chuice stand out from the health crazes and trends we’ve seen in the past?

It’s not a health craze, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a complete meal on the go–filled with whole vegetables, nuts and seeds–it will definitely take off as our lives get busier and busier, but we want all natural, real, whole foods.

You’re obviously very fit. Can a guy as buff as you maintain such an active lifestyle on Chuice?

Ninety percent of my diet is Chuice. Some examples of solid meals I eat are portabella mushrooms on Ezekiel bread or quinoa with mushrooms–all plant based. My exercise routine includes waking up daily at 5 a.m. to work out. I try to run three to four miles three to four times a week. Some days I work out twice a day.

You also created a program called the Real 6. It’s not one of those torturous cleanses or detoxes where you’re starving and hangry the whole time, is it?

Dr. Sujit Sharma, our CEO, has nicknamed it the “untox” program because it’s not a detox. It’s a challenge to get you on track to start eating real, whole foods. It involves incorporating one to two bottles of Chuice a day for six days. Eat better, feel better. We worked with a dietician to help create something that anyone could try and that’s exactly who will benefit from it–anyone.

Tell us what the future looks like for Chuice, and most importantly how do we get our hands on some?

The future looks very promising. We want it to be a global product. Everyone should have access to real, whole foods. There are food deserts all over the world and hopefully Chuice will be a part of the solution. Currently we’re sold at all regional Whole Foods, Nuts ‘N Berries, Rainbow Grocery and coming soon to outdoor retailer Mountain High Outfitter and Highland Yoga.

On a side note: what’s the secret to making sure we get all the goodies left at the bottom of the bottle? I think my cat was secretly judging me as I pried a spoon into the bottle to try to scrape the rest out.

Your cat was just jealous. The secret is to add a little additional water or to use a spoon. You did great.

For more information about Chuice and to order online, visit Cheers!