Posture Exercises, Workaholics, Perfect Faces + More

AutumnImage: Brent Danley

Health and wellness stories you may have missed…

  • Eat Well: Here’s what an apple a day will really do for you… and what kind you should be eating (there is a difference!). [Fitbie]
  • Do Well: Spending time in the great outdoors is important, even at this time of year. Here are 16 reasons why. [Mark’s Daily Apple]
  • Move Well: These six exercises will help you fix your posture and ditch that slump. [MindBodyGreen]
  • Feel Well: Workaholism is America’s new lethal addiction. Tirelessly toiling at all hours has become the new normal, but it’s also killing us. [Details]
  • Look Well: One photographer used brain activity readings to identify participants’ “ideal face.” Fascinating… and a little sad. [Refinery 29]

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