Fresh to Order in Decatur, ‘Forever I Love Atlanta’ FILA Shoes + More

FILA Original FitnessFila’s Peach State Original Fitness shoes with “Forever I Love Atlanta” detail.

Health and wellness stories you may have missed…

  • Eat Well: Fresh to Order — a “fine fast food” restaurant with made-to-order soups, sandwiches, and salads — opened its ninth franchise in Decatur on Sunday. The space across from Leon’s has doomed restaurant after restaurant (most recently, Mexican restaurant Hola! and previously Decatur Diner). Let’s hope Fresh to Order lasts longer than its predecessors. [See the menu here.]
  • Do Well: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife are donating $25 million to the CDC Foundation to help fight ebola. [CBS Atlanta]
  • Move Well: Men’s Health demystifies the runner’s high in 60 seconds. [YouTube]
  • Feel Well: Why would you go to a physical therapist when you’re not injured? Find out. [Breaking Muscle]
  • Look Well: It only makes sense for FILA to create a “Forever I Love Atlanta” shoe for fitness fanatics. Their newest kicks are peach (go figure) and will be for sale at FlyKix starting Friday. [Uproxx]