Photographing Insecurities, NYC Ebola, Tight Hamstrings + More

Health and wellness stories you may have missed…

  • Look Well: Photographer Steve Rosenfield’s inspiring “What I Be” project works to “build security through insecurities” by taking photos of people who are brave enough to write their self-perceived imperfections written on their bodies and faces. [WhatIBeProject]
  • Eat Well: Try these tasty treats for a paleo-friendly cheat day. [PaleoHacks]
  • Move Well: Stop stretching your hamstrings. You’ve probably got bigger problems. [Q by Equinox]
  • Feel Well: Here’s what New York’s first case of ebola means for the city. [New York Times]
  • Do Well: This is how YouTubers are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. [Good Magazine]

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