A Flexibility Test, Mental Toughness Tips, Healthy Comfort Foods + More

Health and wellness stories you may have missed…

  • Move Well: Grab a ruler and a wall and get ready to find out how flexible you are with these three stretch tests. [Fitness Magazine]
  • Eat Well: From stew to pumpkin pie — make your favorite fall comfort foods a little healthier with these nine awesome recipes. [Prevention]
  • Do Well: If you’re donating to help ebola victims, beware of charity scams. Shady campaigns have been popping up GoFundMe and other fundraising sites. [MSNBC]
  • Feel Well: A competitive figure skater gives some seriously good advice on mental toughness. [MindBodyGreen]
  • Look Well: Designer Alexander Wang has created a new line of “extreme workout clothes” for H&M. [Style.com]