What Your Nose Knows, The Biggest Loser, Loose Skin Woes + More

Scratch n' SniffScratch ‘n Sniff image: Enokson on Flickr. (Creative Commons)

Health and wellness stories you may have missed…

  • Eat Well: Is The Biggest Loser teaching dangerous habits to its millions of viewers? [Breaking Muscle]
  • Do Well: Atlanta opened a mobile rec center in southeast Atlanta on Tuesday to offer fitness, games, and activities to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. [AtlantaGA.gov]
  • Move Well: There’s a difference between normal “I’m sore from yesterday’s workout” pain and “OMG, something just snapped” pain. Know the difference. [Hello Healthy]
  • Feel Well: Quick! Do you smell roses? Good. Bcause being unable to detect the smell of roses, peppermint, oranges, fish, and leather is a bad omen for your health. [Science Alert]
  • Look Well: Congrats, you’ve lost a bunch of weight! Bummer, you’ve got extra skin galore. Here’s how to fix that. [A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss]