Kathleen’s Journey Part V: In Which Sunshine and Fresh Air Lead to New Goals

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Kathleen Lorey is on a year-long mission to improve her health. Part 5 of her story features friendly competition, new goals, and lots of sunshine: “With the good weather, we have started working outside, and let me tell you… it is phenomenal! Since being outdoors, I have felt awesome and have been able to really push myself. There is something about not being confined within walls that makes everything seem possible. Last week I achieved 10 burpees in a row. IN A ROW, PEOPLE! That was my March goal so it feels good to hit it early. It also inspired me to start working on my April goal: running a 15-minute mile.”

So how am I getting there? During warm ups, I am still far behind my peers, but I have stopped getting lapped. That’s motivating because it means I’m not as slow as I was before. At this point, there’s an important distinction between “I’m not fast” and “I’m not as slow.” In addition to my normal four-times-per-week workouts, I have started a couch-to-5K program. The workouts are 20 minutes (to start) to an hour long (at the end) and will help

Image: Arya Ziai

Image: Arya Ziai

increase my cardio ability and running speed.

What am I loving now? This week our workout group split into teams for some friendly competition. Each day there are participation points and competition points. While I thought I’d be good for my team’s participation points, just for showing up, I surprised myself because I’ve actually done well in the competitions too (except the running). I have been able to keep up with the workouts and relied on my partners to do the really fast running.

I was reminded of a quote I read when I started working years ago: “She didn’t know she couldn’t, so she did.” It is a mental game for me every time I step onto the field. Our incredible trainer has full faith in me. My workout partners are incredibly supportive (and sometimes surprised by what I can do!). I don’t know how I would achieve these things without them.

Lorey_HeadShotWellATL columnist Kathleen Lorey won one year of fitness classes from FitWit (disclosure: WellATL’s publisher is president of FitWit) and will be documenting her 365-day journey to better health. If her column inspires you, motivates you, helps you see that you aren’t alone in whatever struggles you face, or just makes you want to cheer her on, it has done its job and we hope you’ll let her know or share your own experiences in the comments.

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