Kathleen’s Year-Long Journey Part VII: In Which Running Goals Are Crushed

As I mentioned in my first post, I was actually a runner just a few years ago. Despite having done multiple half-marathons and even more 10Ks, I’m not a gifted runner… but I loved it all the same! Still, it is one of the goals that I have been dreading attacking because I haven’t run regularly since five years and multiple pounds ago. Where once I could gently jog a 5K without thinking twice, now my body revolts against a nice long walk along the BeltLine. PSA: Don’t become obese, folks. It’s not worth it!

I recently did my first race of 2015, the Morningside Mile. I finished in 14 minutes 49 seconds. (WOOHOO!) For those keeping score, a sub 15–minute mile was one of my April goals, and I hit it before the month even started! Even more exciting is that, in our normal workout group, I ran a mile in 13 minutes and 30 seconds. I think I was so blinded by the 15 minute goal that I didn’t realize I could do even better.

I have an updated goal for April: to work on my band-assisted pull-ups. To date, whenever the group has done pull-ups, I’ve done TRX band rows or kettlebell rows, but those are just not the same thing. They use different muscles and put me on the side. I talked to my trainer about getting up on the bar. It required two thick bands and some back assistance, but I got my chin above the bar. It is going to be a long road before I can do one by myself, but the journey starts with the first step. I’m trying to get to a lighter second band and no push by the end of May. Surprisingly, I’m really good at negatives (where you jump up and slowly release down).

It is amazing how many things become easier when you’re working on your total self. Just by showing up to work out each day, I am becoming a stronger person, physically and mentally. I can even (almost!) keep up during the warm-ups. My husband and I went to the College Football Hall of Fame on Saturday morning and I did all the workouts — throwing (I hit two out of three!), field goals (I missed horribly all three times), and the obstacle course with the leaping catch (which I caught!). As much as I’ve accomplished during workouts, it is even more incredible how much better and more fun life in general has become.

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