The Kids Ate My Resolutions, or Why It’s Okay to Give Yourself a Break

Today is January 14. Wait… what!? I sat down to write a fancy post about developing family goals for 2015, but a rather obnoxious voice in my head kept saying, “How on earth are you going to talk about family goals when you don’t even have your own head on straight?” I was trying hard to ignore that voice, but when it called me out on nearly making Camilla’s PB&J with salsa instead of jelly, I had to concede.

Most of us mamas are coming out of a whirlwind season during which we thought very infrequently about ourselves. Since October, in addition to the daily meals, laundry, and curriculum nights, I’ve been planning Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving feasts, and Christmas extravaganzas. And I’m supposed to have also been planning a coherent list — to be formally presented on January 1 — of all the ways in which I resolve to be a better person? Heh. I’m (not) sorry, but until the kids went back to school last week, I haven’t had 90 seconds to think without someone talking to me, pulling on me, or drooling on me. “Sorry, professor. My kids ate my resolutions.”

I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions for two reasons: 1. I’m more of a goal girl. I like specific, measurable targets that I can tweak as needed. 2. Why does Ryan Seacrest think he gets to tell me when to start stuff? I mean, who does he think he is? I start things when it feels good: the beginning of seasons, the start of the school year, or any time when I need to hit the reset button. January 1 is just a day on the calendar. Letting it pass without an entirely new life plan does not indicate impending doom.

Seacrest, just moments after being told he's not in charge of your life. Note his confusion. Base image via Andy Castro (Creative Commons)

Seacrest, just moments after being told he’s not in charge of your life. Note his confused expression.
Base image via Andy Castro (Creative Commons)

Sure, it would have been grand to begin the year with organized meal plans and everyone’s dentist appointments scheduled for the year, but it’s just going to have to be okay to turn in my “resolutions” late. Not only do I need a few quiet moments to think clearly about goals for myself and my family, but I’m also working on being okay with going with the flow. As a natural Type-A personality, this is hard for me, but I’m getting smarter about what to stress out about, and postponing the formal rollout of my 2015 goals feels okay for me.

If you are a mom who feels underwhelmed by the gusto with which 2015 resolutions got tackled, take heart. There’s always tomorrow. Or next week. Beating yourself up over the workout plan that has already gone awry or the meal planning that didn’t get done or the pictures that didn’t hung doesn’t do anyone any good. Give yourself a break and try again tomorrow.