Part IV: In Which Kathleen’s Quest to Move Like Beyonce Continues With 10 Perfect Burpees

BurpeeBurpee Image by Gabriela Serrano of GabyCantDraw

Kathleen Lorey is on a year-long mission to dramatically improve her health. If you missed the first three installments of her column, catch up with her explanation of why she’s doing this, her mental tricks for staying motivated (gold stars!), and her fight with Chick-fil-A cravings. Two months into her journey, Kathleen is laser focused on goals. Here’s her update: “Has anyone else tried to jump into exercise like they were going to save the world in 24 hours? I have. Multiple times, including this one… but I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I had to slow down. Learning to set realistic expectations has been a great part of this process. So when I sat down to set goals in January, instead of just saying, “I want to move like Beyonce” (which is absolutely true), I thought about what it was going to take to get there.

You may remember that my January goal was perfect attendance (check!). My February goal was to eat well and exercise on vacation (check!). I worked out twice and ate paleo except on Mardi Gras. In March, I have been working particularly hard to reach my goal of 10 burpees in a row with good form. So far, I have done six in a row with relatively good form. I had a check in with my trainers this week. My form was tweaked a little bit, so I’ll be practicing with even better form and trying to get to 10 in a row. Burpees are not something that I will ever profess to love, but since they are tough and everyone complains about them, I think they prove a certain level of fitness. I’m excited to be able to do them — even if my body still looks like I sit on the couch 24 hours a day.

I will tell you that I have wavered a little. It is hard to admit, but each meal and snack choice is still a struggle. I do look forward to my workouts though. Sometimes I just tell myself: “This is the only thing you have to do today” even when it is not true. Thoughts like “I’ve been working out for seven weeks… why in the heck am I not a size 2 yet?!” have definitely crossed my mind. Being able to refocus on incremental gains like being able to keep up during the warm up have really made a difference to my overall psyche… that and a great workout mix from Beyonce!

A few people have asked for a chart update, so I have included it below. This is where I am. Showing up no matter what the weather – internal or external – may be:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.33.07 PM

Lorey_HeadShotWellATL columnist Kathleen Lorey won one year of fitness classes from FitWit (disclosure: WellATL’s publisher is president of FitWit) and will be documenting her 365-day journey to better health. If her column inspires you, motivates you, helps you see that you aren’t alone in whatever struggles you face, or just makes you want to cheer her on, it has done its job and we hope you’ll let her know or share your own experiences in the comments.