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It’s tough to expect kids to have an active and healthy lifestyle when we’re serving them a rectangular piece of cheese pizza, some sugary canned fruit cocktail, a cookie, and a carton of milk for lunch five days a week. Yet that’s exactly what a lot of schools are still doing. (At least in the U.S. — check out these fascinating images of school lunches around the world if you have some spare time.) Georgia Organics is changing that with its Farm to School program, and yesterday, The James M. Cox Foundation announced that it would be providing a $250,000 grant to help bring healthy food to Georgia’s students.
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Georgia Organics

“Local,” “sustainable,” and “organic” aren’t just menu buzzwords. For the good people at Georgia Organics, they’re a mission statement. This nonprofit aims to connect Georgians – kids, chefs, and YOU – with the farms and food right here in our own fine state. WellATL digs deeper with Georgia Organics Director of Programs Michael Wall. Food, food, food! >>