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It seems like parents spend a lot of time thinking about gifts for each of their kids individually, but we have found a ton of value in giving at least one whole-family gift: something that promotes time together doing something we enjoy. Last year, we bundled some soccer balls, a soccer goal, a skateboard, baseball mitts and balls, and the slack line materials into the family gift, and we’ve been using the heck out of all of them. With time running out for holiday shopping, here are some great gifts to encourage your family to spend time together doing something fun! Thoughtful choices for the whole fam, this way! >>


After knocking the sporty fashionistas off our to-do list with the last WellATL Gift Guide, we turn our attention to runners. They can be tough to buy for… Shoes need to be properly fitted and are a very personal decision. Races are tough to give as gifts because you don’t always know the recipient’s schedule. And you can only have so many training books. Fortunately, there are other options. These five thoughtful gifts will bring a smile to your favorite racer’s face, guaranteed.
It’s a wrap! >>