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Here’s the thing they don’t tell you when you’re a kid: Adults never really have it all together. Remember the kid version of “being an adult”? You’ll have a totally cool job, make gobs of money and get to do fun things all the time. And, best of all, nobody tells you “no.” Ha! Now we all know the shocking reality: You were supposed to be in the car five minutes ago. Instead, you’ve just discovered a burst pipe is flooding the basement and where is the water shut off valve? If you’ve got children, one is whining and the other is in the backyard picking up dog poop with his bare hands. Your phone is incessantly binging, a constant low-level reminder that you’re missing emails and texts, and there’s a good chance you’ll never catch up and read them all. The voice of the little boy from that David after dentist video, repeatedly asking, “Is this real life?” Oh yeah, kid. It’s real life and current coping mechanisms include snapping at the people who love you most, second guessing yourself on a daily basis, minor-to-major meltdowns, and eating/drinking everything in sight.
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