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Ah, springtime in Atlanta… when the number of awesome, fun, run-for-a-cause 5Ks can only be matched by the alarmingly high number in the pollen count. Seriously, if you’re looking to spend one – or all – of your Saturday mornings trucking 3.1 miles, chances are, you need look no farther than your neighborhood square. With so many races to choose from, the MamaBear 5K, 10K, and Cub Run caught my eye because… well, I’m a mama bear and I have cubs who like to run. (The race description also says “fast and flat” and I’m all about the “fast and flat” circuit.) I caught up with first-time race coordinator Beverly Sandel to find out a little more about what MamaBear means and why we should run this race.

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For over a decade, groggy Decaturites have woken on one Saturday morning every year to discover that their downtown area has been overtaken by hordes of runners, thousands of people grinning as they shuffle through the morning cold. What are all of those people doing? Are those kids running too? And why are they up so darned early? They’re running the Tour deCatur, of course! For this week’s Friday Five, WellATL fell in step with Gail Rothman, Executive Director of the Decatur Education Foundation, to learn more about this popular Atlanta area race and the great organization it benefits.

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Running Race

So you’ve signed up for a race. Now what? Plans like running “30 easy” or “10 easy, 15 moderate, 15 easy” are not training. Those are exercise. How do you know if your 30-minute, easy run is enough?  What does “moderate” actually mean? It’s simply not effective. Instead, aim to be the best runner you can in the time you have. Here’s how:
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