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Just a few years ago, the only source for “workout data” was that weird heart rate monitor clip on the treadmill. Nowadays, we wear devices everywhere, tracking our sleep and exercise levels, then syncing the data with activity apps. And wouldn’t you know it? Atlanta’s own Wahoo Fitness is one of the companies innovating this kind of exercise technology — creating devices that go beyond your average step counter to gauge and record the quality of your reps, your running smoothness, cycling cadence, stride rate, and heart rate. Their exercise sensors work with the computer you already take everywhere – your smartphone – so you can monitor and improve performance. Pretty cool. For this week’s Friday Five, we matched strides with Wahoo’s Director of Marketing Michelle Gosselin Halsey.

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A team of Georgia Tech inventors are suing Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Athos, and several other companies for patent infringement after the fashion brands created garments that monitor the wearer’s vital signs. The undeniably nifty but allegedly illegal products targeted by the lawsuits include the Victoria’s Secret Incredible Bra, which tracks the wearer’s heart rate; Athos training gear, which determines muscle effort, heart rate, and breathing rate; and Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech Shirt, which were worn by athletes at the most recent U.S. Open.

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Vintage Fitness

Your grandpa needed only a cinder track, a pair of Chuck Taylors, and a water jug to crush his workout. And while he’s probably thankful that he doesn’t need to shave with a straight razor anymore, that doesn’t mean that all of the advances in the last 50 years are going to improve his performance, especially when it comes to fitness. We can all learn a little something from his old-school training regimen. WWGD? >>