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Everyone remembers their first time. You walked in and cautiously unrolled your mat, not sure whether you should proactively stretch or quietly sit to “faux-meditate.” As the class crawled into child’s pose, you took a calculated glance around the room wondering what you got yourself into. Admittedly you spent more time peeking up from down dog than holding perfectly-aligned postures but somewhere between eagle pose and savasana you got your first taste of being “truly present.” The rest, my friend, is yoga history.
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Plop down that water bottle, unfurl your yoga mat, and breathe in the fresh spring air. (Ok, maybe don’t breathe too deeply because, you know, pollen.) What better way to celebrate the gorgeous weather than to do your sun salutations while getting some actual sun? To hook you up, we compiled a list of Atlanta yoga classes offered in the great outdoors. Now, get outside and Namaste!
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Pavel Stuchlik, an entrepreneur who owns five Orangetheory Fitness studios in greater Atlanta, calls his newest endeavor his “life’s mission and biggest project to date.” And indeed, it is big. Atmasphere (no, that’s not a typo, “Atma” means “soul” in Hindi) has 10,000 square feet of yoga studios, massage rooms, retail space, relaxation lounges, plus a meditation hall, cold-press juice and snack bar, and spin studio. Stuchlik says the Buckhead flagship studio, located at 3097 Piedmont Road, will pave the way for four more locations within the new chain’s first year, with the second one opening soon in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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“Just breathe.” You’ve heard that advice before, and for good reason. There are so many health benefits to effective breathing — revitalizing your body and energy levels, improving your immune response, reducing stress and anxiety, and ensuring your body’s optimal performance during exercise, to name a few. It seems amazing that something that is free and so readily available to all of us can have such a powerful effect on our health and performance, but it absolutely does. It just takes proper technique and a bit of practice to experience the effects of proper breathing, and with long-term consistency, the benefits can be huge!

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Neda from Tough Love Yoga

Yoga mat? Check! Expensive stretchy leggings? Check! BPA-free water bottle? Check! Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” raging as you start your sun salutations? Say what? You heard right; heavy metal music will be blasting your earholes for the entirety of your 60-minute Gumby session at Tough Love Yoga. This ain’t your mama’s Yanni yoga, and that’s just how founder Neda Honarvar likes it. WellATL headbangs with Neda for this week’s Friday Five.

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Anthony Burrell

There’s more than one way to get fit. And if you think being a grown-up means you have to limit your dancing to those times when you’re alone at home (hairbrush microphone, anyone?), think again. Atlanta has dozens of places where you can shake your tail-feather and get fit at the same time — no experience necessary. Here are five of the best.

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