WellATL Gift Guide: 5 Perfect Presents for The Cyclist on Your List

After locating the ideal gifts for the fashionistas and runners in your life, we turn to the cyclists. Whether your loved one is a cycling activist, racer, fixie-riding hipster, or daily commuter, WellATL has just the thing for them.

‘Bike Snob’ Book

If you’re a cyclist and aren’t reading BikeSnobNYC, it might be time to reevaluate your reading list. Now, the popular anonymous blogger has brought his trademark snark and humor to paper book form (or Kindle if that’s your bag), ranting and raving his way through the history of cycling, the absurdities of bike culture and subcultures, bike maintenance, and more. It’s a must-read for the cyclist on your list.

Price: $9.83 hardcover, $8.99 Kindle

Topeak Alien II 26-Function Bicycle Tool

With 26 gadgets to choose from, this compact tool set is handier than an epsom salt bath after leg day. Hex keys, wrenches, screwdrivers, knives, tire levers, chain tools, some stuff only cyclists would even know how to use, and even a bottle opener (you never know) are at your fingertips at the touch of a button. If you can’t fix it with this, it probably can’t be fixed.

Price: $29.99

Bicycle Pattern Scarf

The lucky recipient of this stylin’ scarf — available in six different color combinations — will not only look sharp, they’ll also keep debris out of their nose and mouth on dusty rides. Plus, it’s a bargain that’ll make them think you spent way more than 11 bucks.

Price: $10.99

Adjustable Personal ID Wristband

If you care enough to get someone a gift, you care enough to want them to be safe when they’re out there riding. This sturdy ID bracelet provides contact and medical details inside the pouch. Even better, the wristband itself is made of highly reflective Scotchlite material for extra visibility. It’s not the most high-tech option, but sometimes simple is good, especially when you’re looking for durability.

Price: $15.15

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.46.43 PMCycliq Fly6 Bicycle Camera

It’s a tail-light and a waterproof video camera that records up to six hours of what’s going on behind you as you pedal, for better or for worse. Cycliq’s website has a page of videos taken with the Fly6 — people throwing pens at cyclists, animals attacking, road debris, and vehicles passing WAY too close — and some of them make us wonder if ignorance might just be bliss. That said, next time that car clips your back tire, you’ll have evidence.

Price: $249