Workout of the Week 4/27/15: Presented by WellATL

Workout of the Week

Happy Monday, WellATL! It’s time for the free, trainer-designed workout of the week, but this time, we’ve got a little bonus for you… video! Let one of our trainers show you how each exercise is done then try them yourself. You’ve got 12 minutes. How many rounds can you get through? Don’t forget to record your results!

1. Warm-up for 8 to 10 minutes with a variety of dynamic movements: jumping jacks, butt kicks, sky walks, and mobility drills.

2. Set a timer for 12 minutes and complete the following as many times as possible:

8 180 squats
8 pike push-ups
8 star crunches, per side
8 side lunges, per side

3. Cool down with a 5- to 10-minute stretch.

[Note: WellATL workouts are designed for people already familiar with and accustomed to the exercises. If you’re new to exercise, contact us ( and we’ll direct you to an amazing fitness provider in your area!]

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