Workout of the Week 6/15/15: Presented by WellATL

It’s gonna be a scorcher, so be sure to consult our guide to working out safely in the heat before you undertake this or any other workout this week. Once you’ve finished the work and hydrated, record your results!

1. Warm-up for 8 to 10 minutes with a variety of dynamic movements: jumping jacks, butt kicks, sky walks, and mobility drills.

2. Do four to six rounds of the following:

Run 90 seconds
10 Push-ups
10 Squats
10 Sit-ups

3. Cool down with a 5- to 10-minute stretch.

[Note: WellATL workouts are designed for people already familiar with and accustomed to the exercises. If you’re new to exercise, contact us ( and we’ll direct you to an amazing fitness provider in your area!]